Monday, November 2, 2009

xorl blog seems to be up again

A few weeks/months ago I sadly realized that the author
of the xorl blog was quitting his writeups. Now it seems
that he is continuing his activities. Now I have
something nice to read at the beginning of the day.
Although he doesn't speak about vulnerabilities he found
himself, its one of the better security blogs in my opinion.
I really enjoy reading it and like to recommend it to
everyone interested in software trickery.
I want more OpenBSD foo. :)


Anonymous said...

Uhm, why don't you write about OpenBSD bugs, instead of shove the work to xorl? someone else can do an equally good job if they cared enough to.

xorl said...


Well, I keep an eye on openbsd-bugs but I would never post about undisclosed vulnerabilities so it's not entirely on my hand. :)

Anonymous said...

The excellent and duly answer.

Anonymous said...