Thursday, August 1, 2013

PrivSeb trickery

During recent anual 743c PrivSeb conference meeting, I ported
some of my tools to Android. Some of them require root
and some have been ported to work as shell user.

The former allows to bridge out interfaces so you can use
your tools as-they-are locally in the lab to access devices that
appear somewhere on a remote smartphone. The benefit
is obvious.

The later tool is a sshd-like management
for devices. I yet need to figure out some details for
mass administration and stronger theft-protection.

We also enjoyed discussing good old times, tried
to estimate how exploit development on Android will be
in future and exchanged some SHA hashes for the good. :)

After that, the (meanwhile well established part of the Con)
outdoor event Race-Condition was fun too. I might publish
some pictures of that later this year.

Ported tools wont be published, yet if you want to discuss
feel free to send me an email.