Thursday, April 28, 2016

opmux := (opmsg|gpg) trickery

Whenever you are tempted to type gpg, you should type
opmux since now().
I recently pushed opmux to the git that allows for easy
use of opmsg and gpg in parallel and to seamless integrate
into your MUA by just pointing the gpg-path to the opmux
binary and adding keyid-format long to your gpg config

Since then, opmux will transparently choose the right
binary for decryption, based on message markers used
by either world. On encryption, in whatever world the
key-id is found, it is passed along to it. If no key-id
is found, both pubkey databases are shown so the user
can select one. Be sure to nevertheless have a look
at the opmux part of the file.

Here are some Enigmail screenshots on sending, decryption
and debug console: