Saturday, September 18, 2010

743C mails

Every now and then I check my 7-4-3-C mailbox and I was quite surprised that in the days
quite a lot of mails arrived. Please dont take it as arrogance if I am not answering, unless there are specific questions regarding
license or such.
The amount of mail is just too much and most of them do not
contain really urgent/important questions.
So please accept this post as a reply. Thanks for
the mails and the offers you made.
Continuing 743C does not depend on the amount of donations
(which has been asked for) since it was not meant to
be a commercial success-project. Nevertheless thanks to the people who did a donation.
To those familar with 4-digit hex numbers, I had to name it
743C for a certain reason. I am not dead, I am just focusing
on different projects to stay sharp. :-)

Friday, September 10, 2010

updated crypto tools available

I submitted new versions of crash and psc mainly
to honor even more strict GCC behavior.
A lot of my own tools dont build anymore because of some
tricky type conversion which I always thought would be
plain ANSI. Well.
It seems to me that type conversion is not a possible
thing anymore today.
GCC folks told me to use memcpy() instead of *(int *)&buf[0] = 0x73;
Time to fix.