Thursday, April 20, 2017

drops and free trial

My google-cloud free-trial account will run out soon, so the
bootstrap IP address in the drops README will end up
being non-responsive soon. I am not sure which cloud
provider I will use in future, so I am not signing up
for premium there yet. I am quite happy there wrt stability
and the overall setup; its merely a matter of pricing.

I plan to write some fancy ncurses GUI frontend for drops,
so one can read and write drops messages in mutt-style,
but that can take a while. (I need less ShadowLeaker 90's 0day
that reminds me of old times and more joy starting to learn
ncursesUntil then, someone else has to spend free bonus coins
of his cloud provider to setup drops bootstrap nodes (and
thanks to that anon french guy running that 78* node :)