Thursday, February 23, 2012

Prepackaged lophttpd for Android

Pre-packaged lophttpd Android binaries are available now.
They also feature a quiet mode, which forces lhttpd to
not write anything to disk, e.g. no logs and no generated

Saturday, February 11, 2012

lophttpd running on android

Eventually, lophttpd now also runs on Android!

The native non-JNI C++ support for Android really sucks,
since it is a hassle to get linked to the stdc++ lib
and some well known libc functions just do not exist
(such as ftw(3)). Nevertheless, it runs smooth now.
It only makes sense on rooted devices, but its somehow nice
for forensics, as lophttpd can serve block dev files
However, this is just a side-gig since lophttpd really wants
to run on big iron :)
I will provide prebuilt Android binaries soon.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

lots of performance webserver

I made some git commits to lophttpd which is now no
longer poor, but lots of performance httpd (or lots of porn,
which is also 'static content').
lophttpd got an optional -B switch to specify a HTML base tag
which allows it to generate correct index files behind
reverse proxies.

The included experimental reverse proxy, frontend, with
load balancing included, should now also be usable for
first tests. At least my tests were successful.
Its not really documented yet (make -f Makefile.proxy)
but the setup is very easy and the sample.conf is
self explaining.