Friday, October 23, 2015

da packets

Ported libusi++ to OSX. While doing so it was necessary
to lowercase all the enums like IPPROTO_UDP as the Xcode
compiler also tries to expand the enums (unlike gcc).
And as macro definitions pollute the global namespace
from either netinet/in.h or dnet, this was necessary. Its much
cleaner code now and also works with -pedantic.

While porting libusi++ to OSX, it was therefore necessary
to adjust some of the other code to reflect lowercase
enums, such as QI. Also polished QI to work against the
Darwin TCP stack, so its now possible to QUANTUM INSERT
into Safari. Seems like the Darwin TCP stack requires nonzero
TCP window and Safari ACKed GET requests before accepting
the (injected) reply.

After all TCP/IP stacks evolve over time and theres enough
relaxing space in the RFCs to break INSERT tools by small
semantic changes in the TCP stacks (sometimes called finger
printing). So dont expect QI as-is
to work in 10 years. Interesting to see that such quite simple
technique still contains some pitfalls.

All in all that was fun with lost packets. Tomorrow biking
to lost places to shoot some nice pictures of lost sofas. :)