Saturday, June 30, 2012

optimizing dd

I was feeling like writing a new paper, but this time not
about boring security topics.
Rather about how dd could be optimized if large files
are copied. You can read it here and find an implementation

If you want to see your logo in the Credits section or
like to sponsor future similar research, let me know.

Friday, June 8, 2012

web server trickery

I added new switches to lophttpd. -E keeps connections
open even after failed GET/HEAD requests, since lot of
browsers seem to ignore the HTML base tag when fetching
/favicon.ico. This saves overhead of accepting new connections
in such a case and also speeds up a yet unimplemented
feature which I have in mind when it comes to run
lophttpd on Android.
-Q keeps the rand token for file uploads secret, which allows
you to implement storage-only service in case you want to
review uploaded documents before you pass them to the public.

frontend, the lophttpd reverse proxy now cleanly separates
between header and body of server replies which is also
needed for future features such as quick URL filtering.

All in all, a good release to run a web server in hostile
environments with low overhead.