Friday, January 29, 2016

packet trickery

Refactored my libusipp packet framework's receiving
functions (sending will be optimized later) to:

o Reflect new libpcap API, in particular things
  changed about selectable fd's and immediate mode.
  It works best if you just pull & build libpcap,
  as most distros and OSX may have outdated libpcaps
  installed (you will notice by missing symbols)

o refactoring sniffpack() functions to not longer rely
  on dynamically allocated memory but using fix buffers
  and offsets to handle incoming packets (much) faster.
  The new[]/delete[] memory allocation was a hangover from
  the 90's when I initially didn't build it with QUANTUM in mind.

o Implementing RX classes for string and fd receiving (tuntap

o Adding support to allow sniffing from file:// devices
  to debug via wireshark packet captures later on.

o support QoS data on wifi links

Some things in libpcap still suck, for instance the timeout
function doesn't accept stuct timeval and cannot be called once
a capture handle has been activated. This forces me to
keep my own timeout functionality which is sub-optimal.

As usual, be warned about API changes in libusi++: I add/change
whatever I feel is needed there. API stability is not my
main goal.

Happy QUANTUM your IoT! :p