Friday, February 6, 2009

James Bond seriously wounded in action

I am impressed. The readers of this little blog still seem to be what they learned as a kid on foreign
Sun's. Guerilla :-) No comment on my postings, never, or at least very rarely. But, its really read!
The last posting produced > 700 hits in less than 2 days to the perl code morphing example.
Without actually really announcing it somewhere at big places.
Cleaned from accesses of the google-bot etc there is still ~ 700 hits. Thats great!
So, I will continue. From time to time :-)

As a thank-you I will post a picture I took at a car park on one of my walks through the city together with
a good friend of mine. We used to take large walks of about 3h or so mostly in urban places,
dumpster-dive or attend on closed conferences or events where we were never invited at, shaking hands
with some big NATO generals for example. Its just a matter of who you say you are.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


If you enjoy self-generating, self-replicating or self-modifying code as much as me,
you can have a look here. The exponential more-perl engine is probably
never executed in the 5th generation, except you have plenty of RAM
and CPU power (e.g. you work for google:).
All samples you can download execute the same code at the end, even though
they need to un-nest and reorder the instructions until original code,
including comments, is reached.