Saturday, August 28, 2010

Please hold the line!

Sure. I always did!
If you are on top, you should stop. The 743C project is past.

There is not much we can achieve from now on anyways. More
or less all the robots are belong to us. There is not much chance
that a device or brand cannot be owned with any of
the 743C exploits recently published. Even devices which
are not yet available on the market (epic) can be
rooted with these (src now included). If there are any
devices where the exploit doesnt work -- just let them live.

Personally, I will return to server&network security again
as well as HPC/HA. There will be no more 743C exploits in future.
Every now and then, I will have a look at android, since
- after all - it is a nice OS and there are a lot of things
I am eager to learn from it.

The 743C project was a short, but funny one. I want to thank
all the people involved with it; who discussed issues with
me as well as the folks who wrote all the tutorials and
hints or sent feedback.Thanks to the six people who
were actually PayPaling me :-)

Last but not least, I am very proud that 743C was hosted
by the Openwall Project.
They provided us with stable, secure and reliable hosting.
Without reliable hosting, everything is nothing.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


A beta version of a new softbreak is available here.
If it works out it is made publically available.
The l/p is beta/beta.

It has been confirmed that the exploit is working on the
backflip and evo too. Thats not surprising,I always
said it will work on the backflip :D
I just wonder what all these timing discussions are about.
The exploit is doing everything alone by itself,
you do not need to "exit" or kill the adb session.
Just execute it and wait until connection is reset by
exploit. Then adb kill-server; adb shell -> #
Thats not too complicated.