Monday, July 15, 2019

Hey folks, if you are wondering what I may be doing, I am still
splitting my time in coding and reading of other ppls code.
Here's some results.

I analyzed quite some DoH "solutions" for mobile and desktop (browsers),
and I can tell you that most of them are really bloated. What do you think,
how many TCP/IP stacks you can stack on an Android phone? If you think
you may be just running one or two: good chances that you may be wrong.

As it turned out even malware authors jump onto the DoH train, but
nevertheless the experts are discussing whether its really DoH or not.

OTOH, I used the time to add some new stuff to my own DoH

The fancy new features are:

 * Support for BSD and OSX
 * caching daemon
 * support for rfc8484
 * supports all major DoH providers out of the box

Sure, nothing that the big tech companies offer you is for free, not
even DoH! So apparently even your DNS requests are of interest. So you
have to decide yourself whether you accept DNS redirects by your gov
to inject some malware, or allow tech companies to play big data
with your lookups.

After all, porting harddns or any other non-trivial code to BSD,
you gotta love -pedantic. Still, BSD has its special needs and
its always good to know.