Thursday, December 15, 2011

sshttp is in the git

A few days ago, I put the sshttp project to the github.
It allows to run SSH and HTTP(S) on the same port
without changing them.

I also checked in new code for lophttpd, to support
IPv6 and bind's to specific addresses other than

The benchmarks I did were really satisfying, it outperforms
default apache2 installs (surprise, surprise) and also
ngnix. Hope to get some time to plot some statistics
about that.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

All your servers are belong to us

We deliver. Worldwide. Up to 0x743c times. And if you
are still not there, we return to libc.

You just noticed it, there is a new front pic online. I'll rotate
this within the next months to show cool and the gang
in different positions inside the cloud. The experienced
reader also noticed that the shirts are all made of valid
RPM switches and indeed the most important ones.

While I myself will definitely keep up with mobile stuff, our
origin are servers and the code running there. We deliver
stable, fast and secure services. If you have any problems
with your server or code, just call us.