Wednesday, May 11, 2022

New commits trickery

 I commited some changes to some of my gh projects:

psc is now using an embedded AES and SHA-512 implementation, in order for easier builds for embedded systems w/o proper SDK support. E.g. it is now super easy to have Android binaries built with it, w/o messing with BoringSSL builds. It also contains a base64 en/decoder on the remote side callable via pscr -E or pscr -D for convenience. Last not least, you can script psc sessions via pscsh. Something similar you propably know from screen with shared sessions.

For harddns, my DoH solution - that was one of the first Open Source DoH implementations available at all - I added NXDOMAIN replies for PTR queries, in order to keep up with newer net-utils packages on current distributions which always try to reverse-resolve obtained A records to PTR records. I also updated the shipped default config to remove the PowerDNS DoH servers, as they recently have shutdown this service :(