Monday, November 30, 2009

Always check return value!

A nice bug inside the FreeBSD runtime linker has been
reported here.

It was good that I hashed my previous exploit
(discovered it some months ago) in my twitter message
from November 5th:

md5 4b1717926ed0d4823622011625fb1824 sha1 6871fd05efbddf7eea4447f7bfdc1c9a45979fe3

Since a public exploit is now available anyway,
I also make my version public and you can check the


to prove it.

I have a strange feeling that this re-discovery comes now,
since I talked to some people regarding BSD bugs lately.
Nevertheless I know kingcope is a skilled reviewer and
it was not the first time he had BSD as a target.


Kingcope said...

Stealth, I can only say that I had no clue you did find the bug before me, maybe i embodied magical powers? :) Great work anyways.

Anonymous said...

awesome, just awesome