Thursday, November 12, 2020

DoH 0-RTT trickery

I updated my DoH solution for Linux, BSD and OSX to contain more features:

* to allow certain domains to be excempted from DoH lookups and

  to be forwarded to internal DNS servers instead; in order to

  support enterprise/VPN setups where certain internal

  domains will not resolve via public DoH servers

* add 0-RTT support; unfortunately I did not find any 

  public DoH service that actually supports 0-RTT, despite some

  companies annoucing it

If you want to use 0-RTT and experiment with it, you need to build it with OpenSSL 1.1.1 or later and you need to find a DoH server supporting it. Interestingly, Cloudflare DoH servers seem to keep  TLS connections opened longer than in past. As 0-RTT only comes to play after the 1st connection by reusing TLS session tickets exchanged by the previous connection, 0-RTT will never come to play when everything works smoothly. Maybe they decided to disable 0-RTT in favor of longer lasting connections; I could not trigger 0-RTT via Cloudlfare DoH at least. If you have more infos on it, just let me know.

I also added DoH servers from switzerland to the default config, in order to distribute lookups and to avoid placing too much lookup data to the big companies.

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