Thursday, March 27, 2014

Weapons of mass-pty considered harmful (trickery!)

Fixed a bug in enabler which is part of pam_schroedinger
that made it exit() when no more pty's could be allocated.
That's wrong of course, we just need to continue dictumerating
(enumerating via dictionary) the account. 500 parallel
su/sudo are of no problem.

enabler allows you to mount dictionary attacks using su,
sudo, passwd or alike. You can stop this by using
pam_schroedinger, or something like introducing an
enforced RLIMIT_PTY and having su, sudo etc. call
isatty(0), otherwise socketpairs etc could be used too.

I also went ahead, signing my github stuff with
this key. Any release tag containing an s at the end
of the version is a signed tag. Also, all commits will
be signed in future.
You can verify this via git log --show-signature or
git tag --verify TAG after having above DSA key
imported into your gpg keyring.

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