Thursday, March 22, 2012

libusi++ comeback

Polished some old code of mine, libusi++.

The C++ UNIX Socket Interface allows for easy capture
and release of IP, IP6, ICMP, ICMP6, UDP, UDP6, TCP, TCP6,
and ARP packets. This can be extended of corse. You can
register your own Layer2 functions (RAW sockets and IP/eth dnet
interfaces are included) to support any kind of NIC or
layer you wish. The default capture layer is libpcap.

Writing a multi protocol traceroute like program is as easy
as this.
The whole online documentation is here.

I use this lib for my own tools, and I will even change
the API if I face shortcomings. I'll try to keep that stable,
but the preference is that my own stuff is working.
You have been warned, so do not blame me for potential
changes. I know that this might be a bit un-social
on a social platform like github, but I used to have
no friends in social networks anyway. :)

I tested libusi++ on Linux and FreeBSD. When I started the
project >10 years ago, it even worked on OpenBSD.

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