Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fun with git-upload-pack

The android git was recently moved so I was eager to check
out the new sources. But I always got a 403! What was wrong?
Looking into some forums showed that lots of folks seems to
have the same problems so I post this in the hope that it
saves other developers some hours of debugging. At the end it seems
just to be an issue about the git version or git setup.
I cloned a repo with a clean, new machine and compared the
HTTP stream with what I got from a working box to find
out why some checkouts worked and some dont. Heres is the
old git pull:

and here is the new one with the diff marked green:

Somewhat surprising since according to the download page
git 1.6.4 should just be fine.
Now everything works smoothly. Not a very technical issue indeed,
but tracking down strange issues helps to stay keen. More than
just searching the web for a solution.

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