Friday, February 18, 2011

Cloud Clock trickery

I spent some time fumbling with HTTP again but not related
to Web 2.O. Rather I was interested in how HTTP could
replace NTP since web servers reply with a Date: string
upon each request. The result can be found here.
It is basically a daemon that fetches Date: of
pre-configured servers and tries to minimize RTT and
local I/O impact when setting the time. It also runs as
a user chrooted, keeping CAP_SYS_TIME.
It should also work with IPv6 nodes. If you want to use
my lophttpd web server along with httpdated, you need
to update it to the latest version.

Feel free to comment if you have ideas or see problems
but do not bother me with "NTP is much more better and
more correct". I know that :-)

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