Thursday, December 16, 2010

The bootdisk and the rootdisk

The recent discussion at the pub was of course about
the bits and bytes but this time with view on historical
facts. Someone remembers the bootdisk and the rootdisk?
When it was not possible to boot from CD-ROM it was
necessary to dd a bootdisk and a rootdisk image to floppy
disks. After a few installs, one of them was always fscked.
So why were we using Linux at all? Wasn't it a funny time
with TurboPascal at school? Or even better with BorlandC++
which I got hands on in '94 or so on a low-price
(b/c outdated-)version. For a price of just 80 DM
which was still high enough at that time one also got the incredible TurboDebugger and there the fun starts.

While I am not going to explain for what reason exactly
TurboDebugger was cool (I know the even more cool guys
used SoftIce :) it showed you the hard way why
RealMode really sucked in particular if there is a ProtectedMode
since years. So isnt there any good OS utilizing that?
Whats this "Linux" ...?


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Xing Nan said...

One problem here,My Aria is updated to 2.2 recently,when I try to root,the unrevoked writes waiting for root,and my phone restart into normal,and nothing change,is unrevoked not support anymore?

Anonymous said...

I downloaded the unrevoked package for my Mac, and when I tried to run it it said it is not supported on this architecture. I am running Mac OS X 10.5.8. Do you have any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

dear blogger, you have no clue about linux so stop blogging about it

Anonymous said...

Good that such a great hacker like yourself also never used SoftIce and used the TurboDebugger instead. This made day. Thanks. ;)