Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Check out my libpcap C# binding.
It is a first draft version without Makefile, README etc. but contains all
pcap functions, structures, callbacks etc you need to use libpcap via your mono
environment. If you remove the Main() function you can build your own DLL
and can capture and send packets easier than you ever did in C or C++ ;-)


Anonymous said...

So is your solution better or different than for example Network Miner packet analyzer or SharpPcap? I havn't tried them in mono so I don't know if they work there.

Good work anyway, we need more low level data access for C#!

Icke said...

To be honest; I wrote it just to get
some C# skills. I did not care whether
there exist different implementations.
Now I know there are some. SharpPcap
looks more complete but also
seems to favour Win OS.
The project files looked to me that
it needs some special Win building environment.
Other folks may comment if they successfully run it with mono.