Wednesday, July 18, 2007

202c rising

Due to a new law in germany (202c) to prevent cibercrime (huh!), some tools
become illegal. There is a good chance that I will make some links from
previous posts invalid or inaccessible.
Even though none of my tools do anything bad and illegal use is strictly
discouraged some lawyers might feel its still illegal.
Some points:

1. None of my tools/code has bad or illegal intent. Its all for educational purposes
(university work or work I do at job) only. This statement is also contained within any
tool and its license.
2. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. If you abuse ssh to log into foreign
computers and abuse tcpdump to sniff traffic there, its your own fault.
2a) Unfortunally it may even become tcpdump's fault in future.
3. I will try to continue my work, but maybe need to re-order some tools in order
to meet the law. Replacing shellcodes in PoC with "\xcc", not disclosing certain
tools/info to the public etc.; whatever is necessary to be conform to law.
4. I hope anyone will relax soon, and its still possible to enjoy *coding*.

I hope there is no special forces sent to me for a "kill -9" prior to hearing me;
as suggested recently by our interior minister. Nuts.
If you feel that some of my code hits 202c nevertheless, feel free to contact me and
I will remove it if you are right.

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